Research Team Leader

We are looking for highly talented Data Scientists who is patinate about Computer Vision \ Image Processing to lead our research team.

As part of the initial data science team recruitments, this role will have the opportunity to influence the research vision, goals, and culture significantly.

This is a unique opportunity to take on a technical leadership role and be responsible for designing and delivering machine learning based algorithms

Responsibilities As a team lead, you will responsible for research and development of core algorithms that fuels our products. This is an end-to-end responsibility, from an idea to a product. It includes: • Lead and mentor the team members and support their personal and technical growth • Work closely with product & align the data projects with organizational goals • Developing production-grade models. This includes research, defining measurable objectives, etc. • Collaborating with the engineering team to deliver high-value innovative product solutions that are based on the models • Monitoring productized models and updating them as necessary • Expand the team

• M.Sc. / Ph.D. in Mathematics/Physics/Statistics/Computer Science or any relevant field. • 7+ years experience as a Data Scientist. • 2+ years of managerial experience. • Proven experience with algorithm in production environment • Ability to work with customers • System and product view • Experience with Big Data systems such as Spark, etc. • Computer vision experience – Expert level • Python - proficient

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