Head of AI for a Biotech company


As head of AI you will be responsible for translating strategic directives to technology. You will help to build an awesome team of ML and data scientists and lead the team to execute an ultra ambitious R&D program on a challenging schedule.

You will work closely with the management and the biological team to refine the plan.

You will have to be super adaptive and agile.

This is a very central and impactful position that will shape our company.


  • MSc/PhD with machine learning and drug discovery flavours

  • At least 10 years hands-on in R&D positions

  • Proven experience in leading a team towards R&D goals

  • Proven experience in developing machine learning models for complex biological problems using ML and data-science frameworks and libraries (e.g. TensorFlow, Scikit-learn, Pandas etc.)

  • Deep understanding of statistics and common algorithms

  • Systematic and analytical thinking and problem solving skills

  • Advantage: high profile publications as first author

jobs@d-hr.co.il please specify JB-246

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